A tv series about art: Power of Art

BBC Power of Art, is TV series that talks about the power of art. It contains 8 episodes in which each episodes a life of a great artist and his paintings are discussed.

This is not a series about things that hang on walls, it is not about decor or prettiness. It is a series about the force, the need, the passion of art
…the power of art. – BBC

Each of the eight one hour episodes examines the biography of an artist and his key work through Schama‘s considerations and some reenactments:

  1. CaravaggioDavid with the Head of Goliath (c. 1610)
  2. BerniniEcstasy of Saint Teresa (1657)
  3. RembrandtThe Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis (1662)
  4. DavidThe Death of Marat (1793)
  5. TurnerThe Slave Ship (1840)
  6. Van GoghWheatfield with Crows (1890)
  7. PicassoGuernica (1937)
  8. RothkoBlack on Maroon (1958)

I found this TV series very valuable for a person who is interested in painting and to get inspired by some great artists.

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