This guide provide a step by step details on how to set up phpstorm IDE to work with xdebug.


Installing on Ubuntu

In software search for xdebug and install.


Add to the following xdebug settings to php.ini file





Installing on Windows XAMPP

First download xdebug and copy it into the extension folder. Copy the full path the extension.


Add the following xdebug settings to php.ini file.

php.ini file





Install easiest xdebug for Firefox and specify the remote IDE key for Firefox

<a href=“” data-rel=“lightbox-image-0” data-rl_title="" data-rl_caption="" title="">


Then in the xdebug configuration apply following

<a href=“” data-rel=“lightbox-image-1” data-rl_title="" data-rl_caption="" title="">



Put debug points and run the remote debug setting.

<a href=“” data-rel=“lightbox-image-2” data-rl_title="" data-rl_caption="" title="">



enable the easiest debug and navigate the test page through the browser. Your debug point should be hit, the request url is reading the debug file.



To stop breaking at the first line Untick Run->break and first line…