Today I wanted to try out Nginx server my windows machine. After setting up the basic server block details for my project, I called the site URL. In the WT-NMP stack to quickly setup the software I needed. In the server block, I needed to specify my root path in a different location other than WWW.

Then when I hit the URL, I was getting “No Input File Specified” for my PHP script.

Now I’m not much of a reader so I just goggled here and there and didn’t found much of a fix. So then I reviewed the php log files. There I got the error message as my project folder path is not within the allowed path(s): (c:/wt-nmp)

So basically I had to edit php.init open_basedir value to include the path I stored my project. However here I could see that even the driver is considered to be as a path. So I ended up placing the driver letter since if I want to store more websites in my ‘d’ drive, I would not encounter this error.  This is the final line. I have bold my text to indicate the change I made.

open_basedir = “c:/wt-nmp**.;d:/**”

“Happy Nginx, is a good Nginx.”