I have been a long time suffer from Sinusitis. If you are suffering from Sinusitis occasionally, you would know how painful and how it makes your life miserable. Here is a good article that list symptoms of Sinusitis. Medication really didn’t help to reduce Sinusitis at all and to feel fresh again.

So what I did is searched online about solutions and medications. Tried many things only to find them not effective for my sinus condition. However I then found a technique called nasal rinsing by using a thing called Neti Pot. It is something like Aladdin’s lamp where you put saline water and wash your nasal passages. To know more this technique and about Neti Pots, I asked from local doctors and wanted to buy one from the pharmacies. Unfortunately the doctors were not familiar with it and local pharmacies didn’t have it. So I gave up finding one.

Recently I was feeling very stuffy due to Sinusitis and I couldn’t resist it anymore. When you feel very bad from Sinusitis, it’s hard to have focus and lack of feeling alive. So I searched a bit about the technique online and ended up buying Himalayan Institute Neti Pot online. Why I picked this was because of the positive comments it had. You can also find what others think about this Neti Pot on Amazon. An instruction manual was also came with this, so I didn’t have much to worry about using it.

<a href=“http://www.sinaru.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/62815.jpg" data-rel=“lightbox-image-0” data-rl_title=”" data-rl_caption="" title="">After Effects

The first time using it was a bit uncomfortable but with the correct salt percentage it can help to use it easily. I have to say, I have still used it only for few days but it is making a positive change. I’m feeling happy and more alive after ages. I don’t have to pressure myself to breath through the nose and it feels lighter.

I’m recommending you to try a Neti Pot if you are suffering from Sinusitis or other nasal problems which can help to solve or reduce by using a Neti Pot. There are a lot of articles about using pros and cons of using a Neti Pot. If you want to try one, first research about it and make a choice. 🙂