Tuk Tuk App

Two users


Drivers(tuk tuk)


  1. App knows where is the paseenger.
  2. Passenger sends a shout

A shout

  • Has a registered location (where the passenger has made the shout from)
  • Message – Typically mentioning the location address how and where to pick and drop off
  • Drop location – The geo point of the drop location
  1. Platform then search for the tuk driers currently active and idle at around the pickup location
  2. Tuk drivers get a notification regarding the pickup shout
  3. Drivers can slide the shout to ignore else accept
  4. Passenger is then alertered with a notification for all the accepted
  5. Then he can pick a driver to accept the ride
  6. Then driver see that his request was accepted
  7. At this point driver accept means he is going pick up the passenger
  8. Else he is going to ignore passenger if driver not took action within 40 seconds passenger is notified. Then he can pick another.
  9.  This process will continue until a driver is on to pick a passenger or passenger remove the shout (alert)


  1. Points system can be created for rating passenger and drivers.


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