I’m writing this article after reviewing about a new degree type called Nanodegrees offered by Udacity. I got a mail regarding that, so I went to their website and collected information.

Available Nanodegrees: https://www.udacity.com/nanodegree

From what I understood there are two facts that make these degrees special

  1. They are designed to get the skills you need for a specific job role with several projects that will add value as experience.
  2. The overall curriculum is updated by partnering with recruitment managers and experts from leading companies.

So in a short time, you are a qualified person to take up the role taught in the degree program. This is extremely valuable for people who want to have a  career change too. On their website, they have posted testimonials from such individuals.

Along with these type of degrees, open courseware also have a big role to play. Such as the free online courses offered by leading educational institutes including MIT, Stanford, Harvard.

In the big I think these type of educational resources are going to disrupt the standard educational system and it’s a good thing. Maybe the 4 year degrees will not survive with these type of degrees in the near future because they tend to spend more time on theoretical aspects. Most likely they will be limited to a 1 1/2 or 2 year degree on a bit specialized field which will act as a base level knowledge or requirement to follow the Nanodegrees.


I’m pretty existed for the future of educational systems. I hope you are too. So have a keen eye on these matters.