How to send an anonymous email

If you wanted to send an anonymous email, this guide is for you.

Make sure you already have the email prepared.
When sending the email, use a public wireless network for better anonymity. Do not use a network if they ask for your information. Do not send this from home.
Try to have a machine with a clean OS (no information about you).

Here’s the instructions:
1. Download Tor browser and install.
2. Open Tor browser.
3. Go to Hide Me proxy or use another proxy.
4. From the proxy website, access
5. Now you can type the mail.
6. Fill “From”, “To”, “Subject”, “Body”. Type a fake From address that will get attention of the recipient.
7. Click I’m not a robot and select the correct images. If you select the correct images there will be a green tick for the box.
8. Make sure mail is correct.
9. Send the mail and you should see a message that tells mail is sent.
10. close the browser.
12. Disconnect from the network.
13. Get out from the place 😀

Here’s a list of anonymous email services, that you can try:

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By Sinaru Gunawardena

Sinaru is a software developer at work and a painter in free time. He enjoys writing tech notes on his personal website. He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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