Hello Sublime Text lovers out there: you might be using auto-save package [https://packagecontrol.io/packages/auto-save] as a plugin. But there is an irritating bug with it that causes auto-complete popup to hide when auto-save is invoked.

While this is not officially fixed in the package, there is a patch (workaround) that will resolve this issue. Please see my comment [https://github.com/jamesfzhang/auto-save/issues/21…] to learn how to apply the work-around in GitHub auto-complete package repository.


First go to sublime user’s package folder. /home/<user>/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/
2. Then create a folder called auto-save which is the package name.
3. Download and save this auto-save.py in the newly created folder . tip: click ‘view raw’ content then save the file as ‘auto-save.py’
4. Restart Sublime Text.
5. Now when auto complete is visible, auto save will not be invoked which means auto complete will not hide.

Important Notes

  • Make sure you have Sublime Text 3 build 3103 which has the new method which I used to patch the bug.
  • The link to download auto-save.py is from the patch I proposed to the owner of this plugin. You can see the status of the PR request at [#27].
  • As I stated everywhere, this is not a perfect patch, but will be significantly less irritating than the auto complete hiding bug. In other words this change causes the save not to get called when auto complete popup is visible. So any file changes made while auto complete is visible is not saved.

I think this new way to override the plugin behavior(as per Sublime Text docs) is more easier and better than my first approach. So until the original author resolve this issue in the package, I hope this patch will help you. If you want to use the latest auto-save package (that is going to include updates, bug fixes, etc), remove the folder that created earlier in user’s package folder. Otherwise still this patch version will be loaded instead.