My first mechanical keyboard

After reading reviewing about mechanical keyboards, I wanted to try them as I have never used one before. So I thought to buy Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac with Cherry MX Blue keys.  The color codes represent different attributes of the keys. As per my understanding Cherry MX blue and brown are the most popular. The major different between blue and brown is that blue has a clicky responsive noise and browse does not.

I tried the keyboard at the office and the sound seems a bit too loud. So I might try the brown one at the office and use the blue at my home.

Apart from that, the experience is totally great. It feels so great when pressing the keys and the reliability of mechanical keys ensure that the keyboard can take a beating but would still work.


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By Sinaru Gunawardena

Sinaru is a software developer at work and a painter in free time. He enjoys writing tech notes on his personal website. He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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