Improving online gaming experience over IEEE 802.11ac WiFi

This article is how to get a great online gaming experience with a stable and fast WiFi connection over IEEE 802.11ac.  This article only focuses on IEEE 802.11ac because it is the best wifi standard we have right now for a great wifi experience that can sometimes be equivalent to Ethernet cables if not better for the daily average user. If you want to go beyond you can try 802.11ad but there are drawbacks for the average user(see below).


The Hardware Devices

  • In the market to identify the best WiFi router and adapter (USB or PCI) you can buy, there is a naming convention you can follow. The technology supported by the router or adapter is indicated by ACXXXX (where XXX is a number). Higher the XXX number the better meaning that the AC1300 will give more speed (Mbps) over AC1200.  Some example devises TP-Link AC5400 WiFi Router, TP-Link AC1900 Wireless High Gain Dual Band USB Adapter.
  • The more antennas the device has the better.
  • A WiFi adapter that supports IEEE 802.11ac at least needs USB 3.0 connection. So make sure your computer has a USB 3.0 or 3.1  / USB-C connector if you need a USB adapter.


Recommended WiFi Router

Recommended WiFi USB adapter


Configuring WiFi Adapter

In Windows, once you have installed the adapter, you should see the device under network devices.


  • Right-click the wireless adapter and click Properties.
  • Click the Advanced tab to configure the advanced settings.

Now you should see multiple options where you can set to update configuration for wifi connectivity.  Following are the settings I get for my TP-Link AC1900 USB adapter.  See below on how to change these options get the best results.  Also, certain properties may not appear depending on the type of wireless adapter, driver version, or operating system installed. Please kindly let me know if you know more properties and preferred values. One important thing is to select only VHT options, not VHT/HT together, for a relevant property.  Because

  • VHT = Very High Throughput = 802.11ac
  • HT = High Throughput = 802.11n

Another thing is, please note the current values for the properties before changing as depending on your wifi interference, the network might stop working altogether.


[To be updated soon]

Property What is it? How to choose the best value
AMfactor Need information
BeamCap Beamforming / for stable and fast connection Only VHT
EnableAdaptivity Need information
HLDiffForAdaptibity Need information
L2HForAdaptivity Need information
LDpcCap For correction error  Disable it for faster connection
QoS Support Helps to prioritize data depending on the service  Enable it
StbcCap Space-Time Block Coding  Disable it for faster connection
USB RF SELECT Need information
USB SF Mode Need information
VHT 2.4G If you need 2.4GHz mode for long range (slow speed) Keep ‘enabled’ for better reliability.
VHT 2.4G IOT If you need 2.4GHz mode for long range (slow speed) Keep ‘enabled’ for better reliability.
Wifi Config Need information
Wireless Mode What WiFi standard to use. I.E. for best, 802.11ac. Basically only 802.11ac


What about 802.11ad?

The 802.11ad protocol supports 60GHz for more(more) speed. However the signal cannot go through walls, So you need to have a line-of-sight with the Router and Adapter.

I am not going to write about this more, as I don’t have any experience.

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