Who am I

I’m Sinaru currently based in Dublin, Ireland and originally from the island called Sri Lanka. I focus on web based software development and sometimes I also like to do oil paintings.  Occasionally I come across new ideas for different problems I see in the world. Here in my digital space, you will find my web development work, paintings and ideas. Apart from that, I put my thoughts into words in my blog section.

What I do

Though I have many interests, if I had to select two, I’d select software development and painting. 

In software development, I’m more into web development as I find it as a platform to transform my ideas into usable web products. On the other hand, it is a place to put my design thoughts into code. However, at work, I’m more of a Full-Stack Developer.

I find painting a great field to expand creativity and also help to make me feel balanced, express myself, and get a fulfillment feeling. Oil painting is my preferred medium.

What I’m good at in programming?

If I had to select one skill in programming it would be “debugging”. I genuinely love finding and fixing bugs. As a developer though, I’m very versatile when it comes to technology.

On the other hand, I’m a fast learner. I love learning new technologies and try to find the most suitable technology and design to solve problems.

I have worked in front-end, back-end and on platforms (AWS) designing, and implementing complex web applications.

My toolbox

  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • VueJS, BackboneJS, CSS, HTML5
  • Git, GitHub
  • AWS
  • Chef