Category: Ideas

  • Improving online gaming experience over IEEE 802.11ac WiFi

    This article is how to get a great online gaming experience with a stable and fast WiFi connection over IEEE 802.11ac. This article only focuses on IEEE 802.11ac because it is the best wifi standard we have right now for a great wifi experience that can sometimes be equivalent to Ethernet cables if not better […]

  • Is Netflix changing how we get entertaintment

    Recently I opened a Netflix account mainly to watch movies. Until now I haven’t seen a Netflix original TV series or a movie. Then today I saw the trailer for “The Siege of Jadotville” which is a Netflix Original.  I was blown away by the quality of the movie and the story-line. It then occurred […]

  • Oil based solar thermal generator

    Not sure how feasible this idea is. Anyway the basic idea is to put oil based medium and to use the same medium to spin the turbine to generate electricity.

  • Solar-Thermal generator

    This is an project idea and plan of a solar thermal design. The basic design is placed below.   What’s in the design? The frame is a  1/2″ plywood Servo arm to rotate the box frame. This is controlled by the Arduino system Fresnel lens. (2×2 feet or 1×1 feet) 2 or 3 inch copper […]

  • Email Signature Generator

    A web app to create email signatures based on a template.

  • CityTips

    Create a site to list tips by others under different categories in different areas. Others can rate tips (likes dislikes) Sponsored tips can be placed by others as a paid tip. Duplicate tips can be merged or deleted. A tip can have an image or set of images. – max 4 images or a video […]

  • Against Karma Service

    At AgainstKarma you can request a team of volunteers for a local service that need help. Such as a helping other people, making a dam or positively impact a life another person. A cause is listed by a creator and volunteers can request to support the cause.  Creator can select his team for the cause. […]

  • Local news feed app

    An app that give live news generated by users around you.

  • Give Away It

    Make a site that list giving away Items for free that come valuable for someone else. Like old books, magazines, toys etc. 

  • A site to track greatest history information

    We like to see old things from the history especially the most important things.  For example, people would love to see old advertistments, movie trailers, movie scenes, etc. Or sports events etc. So build a site that holds and track these things.  Like a time capsule of information. People can create their listing (no duplicates) […]