Category: Ideas

  • Tuk Tuk App

    Two users Passengers Drivers(tuk tuk)   App knows where is the paseenger. Passenger sends a shout A shout Has a registered location (where the passenger has made the shout from) Message – Typically mentioning the location address how and where to pick and drop off Drop location – The geo point of the drop location […]

  • JPEG Graph Designer

    JPEG images are a common standard used in IT field to store images and therefore generally these image files can be opened and viewed by almost every computation devices. On the other hand, suppose you want to edit and share an image that contains a diagrams in a jpg file. If you want to re-edit […]

  • Growing in the desert

      Global warming is on the rise as more forests are cut down and more vehicles are on the rise. When the Co2 capacity is increased in the air, the global warming is increased. The more forests there are the better. As we all know, Sahara is the world largest desert. So we need to […]

  • Instant Map Creator

    Sometimes we want to share a geo-location with some information and share it. But there is no platform to create such a thing. Therefore create a website to do that. Go to site. The user is shown a text box and a map. The user puts some text inbox, and click the map. Then click […]

  • Show comments on TV programs

    Show comments on TV programs In everyday life we see tv programs. Some include lies and some are true. People don’t like just to see the whole thing, they like to see what others think. I think that is why Youtube is very popular. It has changed the way we obtain media. If televisions to […]

  • Unica Clothes

    “Wear an art” Sell clothes that are unique. In other words, only one shirt will be printed from a design. Each product can be sold for good price because they are unique. This is the whole idea of this clothes shop. For an example, imagine if that u have 10-15 fashion designers that design clothes […]

  • A tv series about art: Power of Art

    BBC Power of Art, is TV series that talks about the power of art. It contains 8 episodes in which each episodes a life of a great artist and his paintings are discussed.