Industry specific degrees / nanodegrees

I’m writing this article after reviewing about a new degree type called Nanodegrees offered by Udacity. I got a mail regarding that, so I went to their website and collected information. Available Nanodegrees: From what I understood there are two facts that make these degrees special They are designed to get the skills you […]

A List of Movies that can Describe About Us to Aliens

I just randomly got this idea, that if another species want to learn about us, what kind of movies would grealy described about us, humans, and about Earth. So I created this list from the movies I have seen, or maybe at least seen the trailer. So this is a collection of movies that I […]

Clearing sinusitis and other benefits of using my first Neti Pot

I have been a long time suffer from Sinusitis. If you are suffering from Sinusitis occasionally, you would know how painful and how it makes your life miserable. Here is a good article that list symptoms of Sinusitis. Medication really didn’t help to reduce Sinusitis at all and to feel fresh again. So what I […]