Industry specific degrees / nanodegrees

I’m writing this article after reviewing about a new degree type called Nanodegrees offered by Udacity. I got a mail regarding that, so I went to their website and collected information. Available Nanodegrees: From what I understood there are two facts that make these degrees special They are designed to get the skills you… Continue reading Industry specific degrees / nanodegrees

Is everything there is by Chance or Choice?

It is those rare moments, that you realize and believe something. For me, it was that I thought that everything there is and will be for anything is by “Chance or Choice”.

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Clearing sinusitis and other benefits of using my first Neti Pot

I have been a long time suffer from Sinusitis. If you are suffering from Sinusitis occasionally, you would know how painful and how it makes your life miserable. Here is a good article that list symptoms of Sinusitis. Medication really didn’t help to reduce Sinusitis at all and to feel fresh again. So what I… Continue reading Clearing sinusitis and other benefits of using my first Neti Pot

A business name to Work

I have bootstrapped myself work in Ruwalla. I needed to represent this as a business so I started my own business called Creotex that is doing web development.

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Begging for happiness

I’m in the process of creating a new painting with begging as the subject.  There is this old woman who suddenly appeared in Nawala Colombo. I happen to see this woman everyday because she’s just spending time near to where I work. When I look at her eyes, it’s like time has stopped with her… Continue reading Begging for happiness