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  • Go Programming Language: An Introductory Tutorial

    What’s the Go Programming Language? Go is a recent language which sits neatly in the middle of the landscape, providing lots of good features and deliberately omitting many bad ones. It compiles fast, runs fast-ish, includes a runtime and garbage collection, has a simple static type system and dynamic interfaces, and an excellent standard library. […]

  • Trying out Ansible on local mode

    Trying out Ansible on local mode

    So you might be interested running ansible to configure your local machine. In this article, I’m going to show you the minimum steps that need to install Vim  using Ansible on an Ubuntu host machine. 1. Install latest Ansible version from apt $ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible $ sudo apt-get update […]

  • Trailing whitespaces: what you gonna do about it?

    Trailing whitespaces: what you gonna do about it?

    What is a trailing whitespace? Trailing whitespace is any spaces or tabs after the last non-whitespace character on the line until the newline. Background Few months ago, it was raised that PR submitted code tend to have trailing whitespace changes in code diff along with other “real” code changes. This whitespace change is a diff […]

  • Having a newline character at end of file

    Having a newline character at end of file

    Background/problem/question: When you create a newfile, and push it to Github, in code diff view, it will say no newline at end of file. Sometimes text editors would also add an EOF newline, if they noticed that the file being edited does not end in a newline, when they are saved (usually it is configured […]

  • Use different conditions to test methods

    Use different conditions to test methods

    Let’s say that you have a function that takes an HTML <ul> structure and check items. For simplicity, our method would check if each item in the list has a link pointing to type of resource (A). So here can write a test that takes a list with items containing resource A links. Here we expect […]

  • Don’t commit the first thing that works

    Don’t commit the first thing that works

    I was working on a bug fix on our application with another fellow programmer. First we understood the root cause of the bug and what makes it to happen. All that was good. Then we thought of a solution and applied the first fix that I thought. Code works and bug is fixed, happy days. […]

  • Personal note on how a bug is tracked and fixed at work

    Story Today was a good day at work. There was a spike card was mentioning about a bug that was occurring at random actions. However the QAs have found that behavior to be specific for a section of the application. Given the spike card work to track down the cause of this bug was set […]

  • Getting BrowserStack to work with local machine URLs

    By default BrowserStack does not have functionality to work with your local machine code. To get this working you have to install BrowserStack local extension.Therefore follow below steps to get it working. Step-by-step guide Make sure you have an account or BrowserStack access. Login to site. When you access, you will see install additional features […]

  • Jasmine Best Practices

    The file name should be Matching for the top level test suite name. There should be one top level test suite per file. Give a meaningful name or title for the test suite. Either use var or this to define variables that needs to use across tests. var variables should be placed just below the […]

  • Fix Sublime Text auto-complete hiding issue

    Hello Sublime Text lovers out there: you might be using auto-save package [] as a plugin. But there is an irritating bug with it that causes auto-complete popup to hide when auto-save is invoked. While this is not officially fixed in the package, there is a patch (workaround) that will resolve this issue. Please see […]