What makes a software product great?

Before talking about software, lets talk about cars. Why do I want to talk about cars is to take great car design as an analogy to great software design. What comes to your head when you hear BMW or Mercedes-Benz? The standard quality of these vehicles. They ordered by most important first are to be; […]

Why your photos not deleted when you delete a user in Laravel

Ok so you have a relationship mentioned in your eloquent user model to link the photo model relationship. So in your user model class you might have something like below to define the relationship.

In your Photo class you might have put some code for deleting event to delete the photo files.

Ok […]

Git and Dropbox together

Git is a source code management tool and heavily used to open source software developers particulary with services such as github.com. These managed source code locations are called repositories. Source code repository is a powerful place to find history of source code modifications or to download the source code instantly. However sometimes you might want […]