Why your photos not deleted when you delete a user in Laravel

Ok so you have a relationship mentioned in your eloquent user model to link the photo model relationship. So in your user model class you might have something like below to define the relationship. /** * Get the photos * @return \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\HasMany */ public function photos() { return $this->hasMany(Photo::class); } In your Photo class you… Continue reading Why your photos not deleted when you delete a user in Laravel

Sonder WordPress Theme

I wanted to develop a minimalist type of a WordPress theme and use on my personal website. The source code is available under Git if you are interested in using it. View Source  

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Improving PHP Xdebug Speed

Great, you have finally figured out how to install and enable PHP Xdebug. Now you can debug your PHP websites and web apps in your local machine. However what you might found out is that after enabling Xdebug, your website’s response time is very low. You might have to wait for more like a second… Continue reading Improving PHP Xdebug Speed

Set up mongoDB as a Windows service

Create a log folder in your data folder Open console with admin privileges Then in console type mongod –logpath c:datalogmongodb.log –install Now mongodb should be listed as a service Then in console type ‘services.msc’ and find mongodb service listed Right click on it and select start. Now mongodb should be running

VSFTP to backup multiple websites

For our web management service we also performance website backups in a timely manner by using our own FTP server. This guide is written on how we configured VSFTP (A recognized FTP server in Linux distros such as Ubuntu) to handle multiple websites.

Git and Dropbox together

Git is a source code management tool and heavily used to open source software developers particulary with services such as github.com. These managed source code locations are called repositories. Source code repository is a powerful place to find history of source code modifications or to download the source code instantly. However sometimes you might want… Continue reading Git and Dropbox together

Edit images while on WordPress

Tip to update the images on WP. This feature comes inbuilt of WordPress. Go to media. Click on the image. Click edit image button. Then you will see a list of button that you can use to manipulate (rotate, scale…) the image. Once changed, it will affect all the places where the image is used.