Work experience at Zone24x7

Test Automation Engineer

Colombo, Sri Lanka
July 2013 – December 2014

Zone24x7 is a well established technology service provider that has wide range of clients from all around the world. During the time in the company, I worked for two main software automation projects and and also initiate a new test automation project for one of the startup products for a client.

One of the challenges I had to take was to manage multiple projects at the same time. It was quite challenging but at the same time exiting as I took the challenge even though it was not required me to do so. There were times where I had to work on three separate projects in a day.

In order to avoid trying to do multi-task, I learned and used following techniques.

  • Allocate time segments for the day (usually 1-3) depending on the priority of each projects
  • Keep the project managers aware of my state when switching to a different project
  • Set mini goals to do be done for each time segment – which cover tasks to meet the deadlines also

Work Process

I worked with a team of 5 test automation engineers and where one being in the US on-site office. There are two main web automation projects we were responsible of. I was responsible to run and test automated tests, ensure they are up-to-date, write new automation tests for use cases, communicate and report bugs to the third party software team.

Daily we have a stand-up call with the onsite team member. He would discuss the work plan for the day, blockers and issues with the software project, and also to talk about our progress for the sprint. The software development team follow a sprint cycle where end of the sprint, they release the version of the project to production.

At the beginning of the sprint we would know the feature changes expected, and along the way we would communicate with the software development team to clarify new changes.

Apart from that, I also took responsibility of developing a software automation code base using novel technologies due to project requirements. My responsibilities included to talk about the project requirements with the development team who were based in the same office, report bugs and expand the automation test cases for the project.


Ruby + Selenium + Cucumber test automation project for Macy’s COM website
This is one of the automation project I have worked with the team of 5 engineers. Macy’s is a huge retail chain in US and their website get’s a lot of traffic especially during seasonal times. So it was paramount that the website works as expected during the seasonal times. As a result, they were heavily dependent on us to ensure the the website is working as expected.

Ruby + Selenium + Cucumber test automation project for Bloomingdale’s COM website
Similar to Macy’s this is another retail shopping website in US. Bloomingdale’s is a Luxury retail chain which is owned by Macy’s. I was also part of the team managing the test automation project for their website.

JavaScript + PhantomJS test automation project for an eye tracking survey software
This project is a novel concept which makes use of the end user’s Web camera to track eye movement for an online survey which provides insight on where the customer looked and for how long. This survey can be used for Video Advertisements, Posters, Banners, etc. I was responsible to write the tests to integrate with the application code. Due to resource limitations, I had to research and select PhantomJS as a headless web browser where I also ran the automated tests.

Infrastructure & Tools

  • Git for source code management
  • Ruby
  • Cucumber for test step definition
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Confluence JIRA – for defect tracking
  • Jenkins CI for test execution
  • Rubymine IDE
  • PhantomJS

Notable Achievements

  • Due to the high productivity and exceeding the client expectation for automation delivery, our team was recognized as an example for other software automation projects
  • Organize and conduct a technical presentation for the colleagues in the company from my findings about headless testing, and PhantomJS for them to get inspired to use such technologies for their system testings as at that time as at that time the technologies were new to industry.

What was it like to work at Zone24x7

Working at Zone24x7 was a rewarding experience and it was a very collaborative environment. The company had a huge range of projects ranging from IoT hardware to machine learning.

I had the chance of talking to other colleagues who worked in these broad range of projects, share ideas, tools etc. It was an environment where consistent learning is encouraged with presentations and seminars conducted by colleagues from all parts of the company.