Tag: debugging

  • An intro to Debugging

    In this article I’ve gathered my thoughts to help developers to get better in debugging especially if they find debugging really hard. The article also lists a set of tools which will help them to debug efficiently and to improve their skills. Hopefully you will find some value in this article, if you are also […]

  • Debugging CkEditor for tests

    This week has been an interesting week as it was mostly debugging and fixing tests.

  • Sometimes you have to look back when debugging

    Last week has been a firefighting week at work (i.e. debugging and troubleshooting). I’m writing this article to share my experience with debugging a system configuration at work. In the end of article, I have placed some lessons learned points so hopefully someone can learn from it to improve their career.

  • Personal note on how a bug is tracked and fixed at work

    Story Today was a good day at work. There was a spike card was mentioning about a bug that was occurring at random actions. However the QAs have found that behavior to be specific for a section of the application. Given the spike card work to track down the cause of this bug was set […]