Opening Right-click Menu / Context menu with Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver providesActionBuilder to perform complex user interactions with a web page. It allows chaining multiple actions together to perform a complex action. You can create a complex action and execute the action (perform) it in the following manner. (Ruby)

  The action to open the context menu is context_click() .

By default, it will click […]

Think differently when the current tests fails

This is a lesson learned from work. SO we use Rials in our project at the workplace. SP for a new requirement, we had to have a validation for a particular attribute of a model.   The requirements were specific on where the validation should happen. Say for example for what controller actions. However, the initial […]

Be careful when using loops in Jasmine specs

Your test automation code is an important tool to evaluate your application.  You must ensure your test code is working/testing as you want it to be. the automated tests give confidence for the developer that the application behaves as expected and things are not broken after they change the code. Recently, at our QA phase, the […]