how a forced behavior can stop you from trying other ways

This is about a story. I had this touch screen phone and the screen was broken. I was using it for about 6 months, didn’t care to change the screen. However for some ways to use the phone, I had to turn it so that I can use it horizontally. Otherwise with the broken screen, I wouldn’t be able to do what I want. Then I got the screen fixed. However surprisingly my brain was forcing me to turn the phone horizontally to use it, even though I knew I don’t have to do it that way....

November 21, 2015 · Sinaru Gunawardena

Is everything there is by Chance or Choice?

It is those rare moments, that you realize and believe something. For me, it was that I thought that everything there is and will be for anything is by “Chance or Choice”.

August 18, 2015 · Sinaru Gunawardena

Clearing sinusitis and other benefits of using my first Neti Pot

I have been a long time suffer from Sinusitis. If you are suffering from Sinusitis occasionally, you would know how painful and how it makes your life miserable. Here is a good article that list symptoms of Sinusitis. Medication really didn’t help to reduce Sinusitis at all and to feel fresh again. So what I did is searched online about solutions and medications. Tried many things only to find them not effective for my sinus condition....

June 23, 2015

Transgender in Colombo


May 31, 2015 · Sinaru Gunawardena

A business name to Work

I have bootstrapped myself work in Ruwalla. I needed to represent this as a business so I started my own business called Creotex that is doing web development.

May 19, 2015

Begging for happiness

I’m in the process of creating a new painting with begging as the subject. There is this old woman who suddenly appeared in Nawala Colombo. I happen to see this woman everyday because she’s just spending time near to where I work. When I look at her eyes, it’s like time has stopped with her and she’s waiting for something. What I think is probably she’s waiting for the day when she finally get through her loneliness....

July 20, 2014 · Sinaru Gunawardena

Some of the best games I have played when I was small


February 26, 2014 · Sinaru Gunawardena

Thoughts on Tiken Tika song

• බල්ලෝ බුරනවා, තවලමත් ඔහේ යනවා ...

September 12, 2013 · Sinaru Gunawardena